1. The Mystery Creative Show

    I have a favorite tweet show called Mystery Creative.

    It usually airs right about the time I get home.  And I fucking hate it when someone interrupts it to tweet about their mundane lives. 

    So for godsake shut the fuck up.  The Mystery Creative show is on.  Call back later. 

  2. The Universe & You

    The universe wants you to win.  It’s rooting for you.  Every single moment that passes it’s praying for your success.  How can you prove this?

    By appreciating the amazing miracle that you woke up today.


    You have failed more times than you can remember.

    You have countless inherent flaws that all but guarantee you will fail again.  And yet… the universe took that into account and decided … 

    "Give that guy another chance!  Maybe today is the day he’s going to dazzle us.  I WANT that guy to finally make it happen!"

    How could it be any clearer?

    You’re still alive.  You’ve been given another chance.  Don’t let the universe down.  Be amazing today.

  3. On Becoming “That Guy” From The Movie

    You know that guy in the movies who always has some sort of life changing epiphany and then actually goes on to change his life? 

    For everyone the movie is different, but the guy is the same.

    Seemingly over night he becomes the exploring, experimenting, changing, red light running, full speed living, amazing guy!


    We love him.

    Aspire to be him.

    Swear allegiance to him.  To actually BECOME him.  This is our wake up call!


    He doesn’t exist.

    Someone please.  BE that guy.  We NEED you.  Desperately, 

  4. Dexterity is overrated

    If we are physically deformed we will be shunned.  If we are physically less adroit will will be shunned.  That sucks.

    Because right now i can barely type these sentences.  But I am so fucking alive.

  5. The Term Blog No Longer Has Meaning

    Blog once referred to an internet log of your thoughts, comments, observations, artwork, SOMETHING that you did yourself.

    Now it appears to be a word meaning a collection of things other people did that you like and have reblogged, reposted, or regurgitated. 

    Which is not the end of the world.  But I’d sure love to see YOUR stuff. 

    I’ve seen what you like.  Now I want to see what you can DO. 

  6. The Internet & Mobile Technology…

    … are not unlike the weaponized sugar that is now so pervasive in our diets.  


    Originally well intentioned and initially fantastic seeming additions to our lives.  However both carry hidden costs that are not easily recognized or fully understood.  Used without limits they can be corrosive to mind and body.  Like cancers upon their hosts.  When left unchecked the toll paid may far outweighs the initial perceived benefits. Use with caution.

  7. Evolution of Technology and Us

    In the last 100 years technology has evolved at staggering rates.

    Seventy years ago there was no TV.

    Twenty years ago there were no cell phones.

    Fifteen years ago there was no internet.

    Ten years ago there was no Skype.

    Seven years ago there was no Facebook.

    Five years ago there was no Twitter.

    The bad news, however, is that human life does not evolve that fast.

    We have fallen behind.

    And our brains are paying for it.

  8. Personal Narratives

    Creating a personal narrative enables a person to hold onto goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

    It is not about will power but narrative power.

    Successful people create successful powerful narratives and then fill them with their vitality.  They need not be delusional.  Only aspirational.  The clearer and stronger, the more likely to inspire the person to stay the course, follow their dream, and be that guy.



    Verb.  Definition:  To remove one’s full attention from the real world by staring at the video screen of a computer, hand held device, smart phone, iPad, iPod, TV or other digital escape unit.


    He was screening the whole time I tried to talk to him.  Couldn’t take his eyes off his damn iPhone.

    Screening while driving is dangerous.

    No screening in my class.

    He claims he has no time to read.  But if he read half as much as he screened he’d have read half the library by now!


    Noun.  Definition:  Someone who screens excessively.  Made worse if done during social gatherings where direct engagement is subsequently diminished or entirely interrupted.


    Hey Screener!  Put your damn iPad down and join the conversation.

    He’s a nice guy and all, but a total screener.  Why even bother inviting him?  He’ll just screen all night and won’t hear a word you say.

    Screen time is away time.  How long are you away each day?

  10. Born To Run…

    … was my gateway book to an alternative lifestyle.

    I had taken up running on a lark so that I could cross “Run a marathon” off my bucket list.  After a few knee injuries that limited me to never running on consecutive days, I read BORN TO RUN on a friend’s recommendation.

    Upon finishing the book I immediately got a pair of Vibram Five Finger Sprints, and promptly ran 10k every day for 2 1/2 weeks.  But this isn’t another rant about the wonders of barefoot running.  Barefooting was only the start.

    For me, reading the chapters on barefoot running were not only revelatory, they were infuriating.  My first thought at the time was “Why didn’t I know this?!” 

    We live in an internet age when we imagine ourselves to be the most well informed society to date.  And yet here was an obvious fact that was true for all of civilization until Nike invented the running shoe and in the course of one generation it was erased from our collective memory. 

    Heel strike.  Heel strike.  Knee trouble  Hate Nike.  Hate Nike.

    The mere thought of running in anything that isn’t generously padded at the heel is now so foreign as to be mocked.  How did that happen?

    And then the questions started.

    What ELSE have we forgotten?  What else are we wrong about?  What other subjects have we been falsely guided by “experts” with little or no evidence?  Or actual evidence to the contrary?!

    And thus the journey began.  And changes followed.

    My feet at the finish line of the 2012 Izu Marathon

    Stretching before running for example.  Not actually proven to help.  Two years, two marathons, and roughly 2 thousand miles later… I have neither stretched nor been injured. 

    Carb loading.  Don’t do it.  Two marathons and a 100k trek later… still don’t do it.

    Sports drinks.  Don’t help.  Replaced by water. 

    But not just running lifestyle changes.  Look around you at the arbitrary things we have come to accept a facts:

    Five glass of water a day.  Says who?

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.   Skipped.

    Rice is a carb and therefore fattening.  Ever heard of ASIA? 

    Low fat diet.  Wrong.

    Shampoo.  Gone.

    Soap.  Gone.

    The list is growing at an exponential rate. 

    Thank you Christopher McDougall.

    Suggestion…. this March 4th (the only day of the year that makes a sentence) extend yourself beyond the borders the experts have set for you. 

    The results might inspire you.

  11. Physical Dexterity & Mental Clarity…

    … are not necessarily the same thing.

    Please keep that in mind,

  12. When Drinking…

    … thoughts are allowed to cross your mind that otherwise wouldn’t.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing.  Please keep that in mind.

  13. Altruism Does Not Exist

    … in a healthy person. 

    Part of the current definition at Wikipedia is “Pure altruism consists of giving something of value (a reward or benefit) with no expectation of any compensation or benefits, either direct, or indirect (for instance from recognition of the giving).”

    I have never seen this in my entire life. 

    Have you?

    Every action of the human animal is for survival and personal well being.  Acting with no expectation of benefits is an illusion.  Or a lie one tells oneself and others.

    That’s not to suggest that volunteering or helping others is bad.  Of course it’s a great thing to do.  But to pretend that people do it purely in the name of altruism is a crock. 

    Donating to a worthy cause.  Helping a friend.  Helping in your neighbors.  Helping an old lady across the street.  Volunteering at the community center. 

    The volunteer benefits from every single one of those things. And they know it.

    They make their life and the lives of those around them better.  This is a benefit.  A wonderful benefit.  A worthy benefit.  A positive benefit.

    It is not altruism.  The word is an illusion. 

  14. Jeremy Lin…

    … is the new Susan Boyle. 

    Seriously.  When Susan Boyle made her big splash the media fell all over itself to celebrate her triumphant story without ever actually saying the word ugly.  It was amazing the amount of verbal gymnastics employed by the people who were interviewed of comment on her initial breakthrough performance and why it was so shocking without actually acknowledging why it was so shocking.

    And we we are again.

    Lin is clearly a ball player.  But prior to his actually being allowed to start in a real NBA game, he was a token Asian.  Despite succeeding at EVERY level of basketball he played, he was employed largely as a carnival side show performing tricks for racial diversity advocates.

    Don’t believe that?  He was allowed to enter his first actual NBA game on “Asian American Heritage Night” for the Warriors with (I’m not making this up) 2:32 left in the entire fucking game!!!!!!

    "Celebrate your favorite Asian!  Let him mop up!!"

    Lin deserves the hoopla he’s getting now.  But make no mistake… this is not an inspirational story.  This is further proof of our biases to certain stereotypes that sometimes prevent us from seeing the obvious.

    Lin has never lacked basketball skills. What he lacked was darker skin and tattoos. 

    Just as African Americans never lacked quarterback skills in the NFL.  Just lighter skin and blond hair.

    What makes this more egregious than some racial stereotyping is that sports leave a data trail behind.   Lin had numbers.  Lots of them.  Consistent.  Exceptional.  Competent.

    And still there was a wall of coaches and scouts whose sole job it was was to evaluate potential talent yet ignored the data and chose instead to see “Asian” first. 

    Jeremy Lin… we salute you.  Because despite the inherent biases you faced in your quest to play in the NBA, your shot at the big time arrived and you friggin’ took it! 

  15. Boing Boing Is Cool…

    … but life is cooler.

    Several weeks ago Boing Boing (and other sites) went dark in protest of internet censorship.  I agree with the cause, but the going dark was a bad idea.

    Sure… I missed not being able to wikipedia something that day.  But what I did NOT miss was that my reader feed was shorter.  The abundance of “cool” things combined with Xeni Disaster Porn had stopped.

    It was kinda awesome.

    Had a few more free minutes that morning.  Got my daily push ups out the way before work rather than after.  Which meant more reading time at night.  The snowball effect was kicking in.

    So I removed Boing Boing from my reader feed.  And guess what happened?

    Nothing.  And everything.

    First the nothing:

    For starters, I didn’t miss it.  I didn’t feel any less amused, less informed, less hip.  In fact, I failed to really notice at all.  Until I saw the left over time.

    Which then lead to the everything:

    More time.  Along with the realization that Boing Boing was not the only offender.  My reader has be slashed nearly in half.  My morning free time subsequently doubled.

    And it didn’t stop there.  I removed social media apps from my IPhone.  No Facebook.  No Twitter.  No nothing.  Then decided to actually deactivate a few as well. 

    Day time was more productive now as well.  Less checking out of the real world meant more focus on the present.

    All in all a great new beginning.  Thank you Boing Boing for getting the ball rolling. 

    Less screen time has raised my daily satisfaction levels, helped me live healthier, and I’m getting through my reading list a whole lot faster. 

    Long live the black out.