1. The Internet & Mobile Technology…

    … are not unlike the weaponized sugar that is now so pervasive in our diets.  


    Originally well intentioned and initially fantastic seeming additions to our lives.  However both carry hidden costs that are not easily recognized or fully understood.  Used without limits they can be corrosive to mind and body.  Like cancers upon their hosts.  When left unchecked the toll paid may far outweighs the initial perceived benefits. Use with caution.



    Verb.  Definition:  To remove one’s full attention from the real world by staring at the video screen of a computer, hand held device, smart phone, iPad, iPod, TV or other digital escape unit.


    He was screening the whole time I tried to talk to him.  Couldn’t take his eyes off his damn iPhone.

    Screening while driving is dangerous.

    No screening in my class.

    He claims he has no time to read.  But if he read half as much as he screened he’d have read half the library by now!


    Noun.  Definition:  Someone who screens excessively.  Made worse if done during social gatherings where direct engagement is subsequently diminished or entirely interrupted.


    Hey Screener!  Put your damn iPad down and join the conversation.

    He’s a nice guy and all, but a total screener.  Why even bother inviting him?  He’ll just screen all night and won’t hear a word you say.

    Screen time is away time.  How long are you away each day?

  3. Life: Redefined

    The definition of LIFE has finally lost all meaning: